Tuesday, May 23, 2017


1. The purpose of my site is to teach nutrition. Give people who eat unhealthy foods some different foods that are healthy and can switch out for their unhealthy ones.
2. I'm not totally pleased with the final version; I wanted to have and about me link because I myself have some good nutrition facts and lost over 20 pounds and I think it would have been good to have my opinion as well as my experience. I also wanted to put a fitness plan on the site as well.
3. I think the set up was difficult, for example the table and how i wanted the page to look. The information was the easiest part because I love nutrition.
4. This class was just right for me.
5. Yes the class was set up very well with the lessons and teacher work.
6. I think more strict in a away because I myself get off topic very easy and will play on my phone or do something on my laptop instead of the class work and I get its my responsibility but I feel there needs a little more input from the teacher.

Friday, February 17, 2017